Dog Boarding for Buffalo, NY

At Love Your Dog, we will be your dog’s home away from home. We understand that when you are traveling it is not always easy to take your dog along with you. Instead of bothering your neighbors, friends, or relatives, bring your dog to Love Your Dog.

Your dog will feel safe and happy when they stay with us, so you can have a safe and relaxing trip. We’re not your ordinary dog kennel. We’re #1 in the Buffalo, NY region. Dogs who stay with us run and play all day! We plan structured activities and offer adequate outside time. We can be considered untraditional in our boarding routines; dogs are out all day long and supervised by a staff member.

Our Dog Kennel Accommodations

  • Lounge
  • Indoor Play Area
  • Outdoor Exercise Yard
  • Outdoor Patio
  • Splash Pools
  • Air Conditioning
  • Private Suites
  • Living room that mimics home
  • TV (Dog movies, of course!)
  • Movie Watching Area
  • Music
  • Kitchen with fridge (for special feeds / medications)

We have everything your dog needs for a happy stay at our dog boarding facility. You have enough to pack for your trip, so don’t worry about your dog. All you need to bring is their favorite food, any favorite treats, and necessary medication.

Plan Your Pup’s Stay

Your dog is in good hands

The next time you need to go out of town, do not fret over where your dog is going to stay. Instead, bring your dog to Love Your Dog and rest assured that your dog is in good hands. Our staff is first aid/CPR certified. We are staffed 365 days a year to assure your dogs are taken care of.

Call us today for more information on our dog boarding services!

Check out our beautiful kennel here!

Benefits of Dog Kennels for Younger Dogs

Even if you do not plan on using dog kennel services, we always recommend that dog owners have their pets stay at our dog kennel a few times when they are younger to get acclimated to the environment. It is always good to have a backup plan if there is a family emergency, or when your normal sitter can’t watch them. While our environment is already built to make your dog as comfortable as possible, older dogs may be under more stress if they have never been in a dog kennel before.

Having your dog stay at our dog kennel from an early age will also help with social interactions with other dogs. This can help when meeting other dogs for the first time and will teach them to be less aggressive. It can also be healthier than having your dog stay alone with an untrained sitter while you are away who does not interact with and stimulate your dog.

If this is your dog’s first time staying at our dog kennel, be sure to call and set up an appointment to meet up with a team member to answer any questions and give you peace of mind about their stay.

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